Resolute Software, a software consulting company specializing in digital transformation and modernization of business, released a new guide for customers on how to meet a few main UX/UI design objectives.

During this pandemic situation the healthcare industry has underwent through some of the biggest disruptions that accelerated the need for many new applications, tools and platforms that can ease our lives.

There are several key elements that bring huge success to the healthcare industry, and one of them is the UX/UI design. The impact of ensuring a good user experience extends not only to the point whether things look well, but also to the overall business performance. UX designers are constantly working on improving methodologies. Their main mission is to assure a seamless user experience, considering the different types of users, their IT aptitude, age, language, etc.

Well-designed applications can create product stickiness, improve the customer satisfaction and the customer lifetime value. It can reduce the stress caused by usability issues and the workload for IT and administrative teams.

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Nikoleta Yanakieva Editor at DevStyleR International