up 2Twitter is facing a slew of scrutiny and tests, including a WorldCup test, set Musk’s changes to the big social platform.

The latest change was made on Thursday, when Twitter told its employees that the company’s office buildings would be temporarily closed. The measures went into effect immediately after the employee warning. The media outlet’s office is expected to be closed until today, with normal operations resuming from tomorrow.

The announcement comes after a large number of employees quit, in the wake of new owner Elon Musk calling for them to work overtime or leave.

Hundreds of Twitter employees are believed to have decided to quit working for the company after Elon Musk set a deadline on Thursday for employees to accept new working conditions.

After Musk fired half of the employees, including people on the board of directors, and ruthlessly changed the company’s work ethic, many employees voiced their displeasure.

Blue hearts and hello emojis flooded Twitter and internal chats on Thursday for the second time in two weeks as fired Twitter employees said goodbye to the platform.

Among those who left was Tess Rinearson, who was tasked with building Twitter’s cryptocurrency team. Rinearson tweeted the “Blue Heart” and “Greetings” emojis.

In an apparent provocation to Musk’s call for employees to be “hardcore,” the bios on the Twitter profiles of several departing engineers changed to the words “softcore engineers” and “ex-hardcore engineers.”

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