MetaCX unveiled today the Business Value Network, a platform that enables businesses to establish persistent digital connections with other businesses in their ecosystem—customers, vendors, and stakeholders—to manage the expected value from these relationships.

The Business Value Network is built around a new computing paradigm broadly labeled as the metaverse. For the business world, the metaverse promises a future where collaboration is possible with any collection of companies through persistent digital spaces that are enabled by a single digital identity that is interoperable across all of a company’s relationships and technology investments, as noted in a press release. MetaCX Co-founder and CEO, Scott McCorkle said:

“The evolution of B2B SaaS is reaching the end of its innovation cycle, and exciting new ideas are emerging that promise to connect businesses in powerful new ways.”

He added:

“Where the last twenty years have seen steady progress on internally-focused, transactional automation across every business function, the next twenty years will bring externally-focused automation of the value chain—how one business creates value for another business, and then how value flows across entire ecosystems.”

Within the Business Value Network, companies are able to establish the expectation of value in their relationships, and measure the realization of value through signals, metrics, and milestones. The network creates a private, secure space for each member to instrument any application, system, or digital endpoint.

MetaCX transforms this data into a real-time, comprehensive view of how companies are tracking toward the achievement of expected outcomes, a view that can be easily shared with stakeholders across a business ecosystem.

Over 20 companies across healthcare, technology, manufacturing, and government have joined the Business Value Network’s inaugural cohort.

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