Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) introduces new capabilities that can increase the reliability and efficiency of large-scale Kubernetes environments while simplifying operations and reducing costs.

By reducing the skills barrier, risk and IT management burden, the new capabilities can increase the reliability and efficiency of enterprise-class Kubernetes while delivering compound cost savings for large-scale Kubernetes environments.

“The new capabilities will help our enterprise customers simplify the management of their large-scale environments, improve the reliability of their operations, and optimize their resources. With OCI offering the best cloud for optimally scaling Kubernetes via a seamless management experience and unrivaled price-performance, customers will be able to drive their businesses forward while realizing cost savings of up to 50 percent compared to other cloud providers”,

said Vijay Kumar, vice president, product marketing, app dev services & developer relations, Oracle.

Recent updates include:

– Virtual Nodes: These enable organizations to run large-scale Kubernetes-based applications and help ensure reliable operations without the operational complexities associated with managing, scaling, upgrading, and troubleshooting the underlying infrastructure.

– Add-on Lifecycle Management: Provides organizations with greater flexibility to install and configure their chosen add-on operational software or related applications.

– Workload Identity: Enables organizations to improve security and reduce management overhead with identity control and access management at the capsule level.

OKE’s latest updates enable customers to accelerate their journey to cloud-native and help them simplify their modernization efforts. Innovate faster and improve developer productivity. By helping customers transition infrastructure management to the cloud service, they can realize significant cost savings across their expanding Kubernetes sites.

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