LaunchDarkly, the platform that helps engineers build products that customers love, today unveiled the Galaxy Product Release. This release helps engineers across every aspect of software releases from progressive rollouts to product experimentation, measurement, mobile development, and release targeting. The improvements build on the lessons learned from DevOps by connecting back to the thing that matters most – the way customers experience applications.

While the DevOps era has spawned tremendous innovation ranging from CI/CD, automated testing, and agile planning, the struggle to connect the innovations built through application development to the ways that customers experience those applications remains a challenge.

“The DevOps movement created years ago created an entirely new way to build software, yet there are still holes when it comes to the way customers interact with and experience applications today. With the Galaxy Product Release, LaunchDarkly hopes to provide engineering teams with a North Star that will solve for these gaps”, said Dan Rogers, CEO at LaunchDarkly.

The LaunchDarkly platform was built to guide engineers to the next frontier of DevOps by:

  • Improving the velocity and stability of software releases, without the fear of end customer outages
  • Delivering targeted experiences by easily personalizing features to customer cohorts
  • Maximizing the business impact of every feature through the ability to experiment and optimize
  • Coordinating the release and optimization of software to provide consistent experiences across mobile platforms and device types
  • Improving the effectiveness and productivity of your engineering teams, by providing insights into engineering cadence and stability

“LaunchDarkly has helped JupiterOne’s software development teams unlock the power to release our software both faster and safer. We’re looking forward to diving into LaunchDarkly’s newly launched core capabilities into areas like product experimentation, release targeting, and measurement to see how they can continue to be such a successful component of our software delivery practices”, said DJ Spatoulas, Principal Architect at JupiterOne.

With this release, LaunchDarkly is continuing toward its vision of providing not just better developer experiences, but better customer experiences. The Galaxy Product Release includes:

  • New capabilities to release stable features faster, including Release Assistant, to build pre-defined, repeatable paths for progressive rollouts, alongside Release Guardian, which allows teams to quickly identify and remediate operational regressions.
  • Migration Assistant to reduce the risk of a migration such as an outage, data loss, or latency, while maintaining data consistency between data stores.
  • Segment Builder to easily target customer groups with specific experiences through functionality that will sync and manage segments from existing data sources.
  • Enhancements to LaunchDarkly’s Product Experimentation product, a new Funnel Experiments capability to measure and optimize customer behavior across full customer journeys. Mobile Release
  • Optimization to liberate your mobile releases from app store processes and easily manage the full lifecycle of your apps.
  • Engineering Insights Hub to help engineering leaders track velocity and quality metrics that show the measurable progress toward engineering transformation.
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