Prismatic has announced new integrations aimed at making its platform more useful to developers and allowing them to embed their own code into Prismatic applications.

“Today’s launch of code-native integrations is part of our deep commitment to provide the most versatile and developer-friendly embedded iPaaS on the market,” wrote Marcus Edgington, vice president of products at Prismatic, in a blog post.

With this update, developers will be able to write code from their preferred development environment, and many options can now be configured directly in the code, such as triggers, bindings, integration logic, and client configuration experience.

“At Prismatic, we believe that any integration solution for B2B SaaS needs to be extremely flexible to keep pace with the huge variety of integrations, all the teams involved in delivering them, and the ways in which the integration strategy can evolve,” Marcus Edgington further wrote in a blog post.

According to Prismatic, one of the benefits of this update is that developers can now define their own integration logic, rather than just choosing from predefined logic steps. Another benefit is the ability to quickly add integrations to CI/CD platforms and code repositories.

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