Larry Hryb shared on Twitter that an update is starting to roll out across a subset of Xbox consoles to revamp the search page with several quality-of-life improvements, such as visible category filters and gallery-style search results, TechRadar reports. However, the update disappointed the majority of users.

Although this is a visual improvement to the search page, in response to the Twitter message announcing the update, some users didn’t wait long and expressed their disappointment with the new updates. A few users even took the liberty of openly stating that they didn’t see much point to it, as the store page for both the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S now looks significantly better from the home screen.

Despite the views expressed by users, no further update in this regard is expected to be released for now. Considering also the fact that the console is now almost three years old, it is unlikely that users will be enjoying a new dashboard anytime soon.

Regarding the new search page update, the UI is sleeker in some areas, which could easily translate into a redesign of the dashboard, and it helps the console look good.

While the current Xbox X Series and S Series dashboard is easy to navigate, an updated dashboard to match the expectations of the current generation would help further define the console. Users are left questioning why Microsoft hasn’t yet followed suit with the PS5’s UI, which was a smart and quick evolution of the PS4.

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