Microsoft recently announced the public preview of Azure Operator Nexus, a hybrid cloud platform with artificial intelligence designed to meet the specific needs of network operators.

Azure Operator Nexus is a service designed to deliver carrier-grade network function performance and resiliency in traditional cloud infrastructures. It provides a secure way to deploy mobile core and virtualized radio access network (vRAN) functions on-premises (far, near, core data centers) or across Azure regions – providing visibility into logging, monitoring and alerting for infrastructure components and workloads.

Optimize and scale next-generation 5G networks
By managing their mission-critical mobile workloads with a single carrier-grade hybrid platform, users can deploy, manage, operate, monitor and secure their workloads with a unified experience in Azure.

Enhance operations with artificial intelligence-based analytics
Creating a closed-loop automation environment by capturing data from your platforms, how-tos, and your applications and network is now completely achievable. Extract prescriptive analytics with AI and machine learning (ML) and reconfigure the network to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs.

Secure and manage with world-class SecOps
Leveraging Microsoft’s robust security operations (SecOps) capabilities, threat detection and protection for comprehensive monitoring, as well as risk and compliance management and protection for your systems, are now affordable and easy-to-use features, thanks to the new release of Azure Operator Nexus.

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