Tracking your glucose levels will no longer require testing a drop of blood in a blood sugar meter or using an implanted continuous glucose monitor (CGM).

All you need to have is the new Apple Watch Series 7 that will reportedly feature blood glucose monitoring, also known as blood sugar levels which is vital to manage conditions such as diabetes. This ability to constantly observe any increases or decreases in your blood glucose levels can help us improve our diet and raise awareness of potential health conditions.

Apple is believed to have secured patents of blood glucose monitoring and the company is now focusing on securing reliability and stability prior to commercialization of the new feature. The optical sensor that Apple will potentially use is believed to be a skin-top continuous monitoring solution that does not require an implant. The company established a team of consultants and biomedical engineers who are working on non-invasively monitoring blood sugar levels in 2017 at clinical sites in the San Francisco Bay Area.

What is more Tim Cook, Apple CEO has been spotted testing the prototype glucose monitor connected to his Apple Watch. He said that the device is still “in the early innings,” with Apple testing “mind-blowing” capabilities in its labs.

Other health-oriented features have also been added to the Apple Watch, such as the ability to measure blood oxygen levels or take an ECG.

The Apple Watch Series 7 is expected to arrive on the market later this year, however there have been rumors around what the new models will feature. While there have been reports of microLED displays and solid-state buttons with haptic feedback for the watch, these are not directly expected for the Apple Watch Series 7.

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