The Australian map for fintech companies detailing the life and times of investors in the Australian fintech sector doesn`t make it easier for fintech funders to be found.

The map that Fintech Australia released is free for investors and can be accessed by all members of the fintech and startup community. It also breaks down the type of funding each group provides. For instance, it can narrow down if a VC firm only invests in Series A rounds. Simone Joyce, Chair of FinTech Australia said:

“Mapping major funders is a job many founders would do themselves when looking for funding. We’ve essentially taken this work off of time-poor early-stage founders, and created a valuable resource for the industry in the process.”

FinTech Australia’s goal is to provide more open resources for the fintech industry. It follows September’s launch of the regulatory map for early-stage startups and overseas companies expanding into Australia.

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