A Landmark Decision Balancing Investor Protection with Market Access

In a historic move, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has given the green light for the listing and trading of several spot bitcoin exchange-traded products (ETPs), marking a significant shift in its stance towards digital assets. This decision comes after a prolonged period of hesitation and disapprovals under the leadership of former Chair Jay Clayton.

The turning point for the SEC’s decision was a recent ruling by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia. The court criticized the Commission for failing to provide a satisfactory explanation for rejecting Grayscale’s proposed ETP*. This verdict led to the Commission reevaluating its position and ultimately approving the new ETP listings.

The SEC emphasizes that its approval is strictly limited to ETPs holding bitcoin and does not imply endorsement of bitcoin or any other crypto assets. The Commission remains clear that it is “merit neutral” and its primary focus is on ensuring investor protection and public interest under the guidelines of the Exchange Act and its regulations.

Today’s approval introduces stringent investor safeguards. Key measures include mandatory comprehensive disclosure for ETP sponsors, the requirement for these products to be listed on registered national securities exchanges, and the application of existing rules and standards of conduct in the purchase and sale of approved ETPs. This encompasses Regulation Best Interest for broker-dealers and a fiduciary duty under the Investment Advisers Act.

Furthermore, the SEC is concurrently reviewing registration statements for 10 spot bitcoin ETPs, aiming to level the playing field for issuers and foster fairness and competition in the market. This step echoes the Commission’s past experience in overseeing non-security commodity ETPs like precious metals, dating back to 2004.

Despite the approval, the Commission maintains a cautious stance, noting that bitcoin is predominantly a speculative and volatile asset associated with various illicit activities. It underscores that the approval of spot bitcoin ETP shares does not constitute an endorsement of bitcoin. Investors are advised to remain vigilant about the risks associated with bitcoin and crypto-related products.

The decision is a milestone in the evolving narrative of cryptocurrency regulation, reflecting the Commission’s commitment to adapting its approaches in the face of changing market dynamics while upholding its mandate to protect investors and the integrity of the securities markets.

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Grayscale: This is a company that offers investment products that provide exposure to digital assets like Bitcoin. Grayscale is known for creating and managing investment vehicles that allow investors to gain exposure to the price movement of various digital currencies in the form of a traditional security, without the challenges of buying, storing, and safekeeping digital currencies directly.


Exchange-Traded Product (ETP): An ETP is a type of security that tracks underlying securities, an index, or other financial instruments. ETPs trade on exchanges similar to stocks, meaning they can be bought and sold throughout the trading day. ETPs encompass a variety of products, including Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs), Exchange-Traded Notes (ETNs), and others.


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