Perforce Software has released its free Enhanced Studio Pack (ESP) in the AWS Marketplace.

Helix Core is a universal repository, review and versioning system that allows teams to accelerate large-scale collaboration. Helix Core is free for teams of up to five people, and ESP automates the configuration and deployment of Helix Core for new users on AWS.

As part of the AWS Marketplace listing, Perforce ESP was required to go through an AWS Foundational Technical Review (FTR) where it was evaluated against a specific set of cloud architecture best practices that are critical to customer success.

“Even small teams often have enterprise needs when it comes to managing digital assets and other large files. We are committed to meeting our customers on their cloud journey and helping them find solutions to their challenges with scale while supporting a global or remote workforce”,

said Steve Jezierski, GM of Digital Creation at Perforce.

The ESP allows new Helix Core users to get up and running quickly on AWS and easily scale without delays. The combined solution of ESP in AWS Marketplace can help remote teams with equal performance and access to do their work. Helix Core is known as the industry standard for game tech and trusted by some of the largest semiconductor and automotive companies for its scale and high-performance.

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