It was announced today that Lucid, the leading provider of visual collaboration software, released a new integration for its virtual whiteboard, Lucidspark, with Microsoft Azure DevOps.

The Lucidspark Cards for Azure DevOps Cloud integration takes software development planning to the next level with enhanced collaboration and data-driven visuals. Technical teams can come together in a shared, flexible workspace to visualize backlogs, delivery plans, and work items pulled directly from Azure DevOps, enabling users to more effectively identify project roadblocks, complete retrospectives and visualize customer journeys. The bidirectional sync ensures every new idea and action item is captured across both platforms, keeping development teams aligned and working together seamlessly. Dan Lawyer, senior vice president of product management at Lucid, commented:

“Our mission is to help teams see and build the future, and this means providing effective solutions that connect engineers, project managers and other contributors on development and support teams to allow them to seamlessly align, innovate and move into action. We’re excited that the Azure DevOps integration will allow us to further enable these teams to quickly move between ideation, planning and execution to deliver incredible results faster than ever before.”

With Lucidspark’s intelligent data synthesis, this integration allows users to take project plans from Azure DevOps one step further. Users can add imported or new work item cards to a Dynamic Matrix in Lucidspark and then filter by assignee, status, project or item type. This unique feature makes it easy to visualize new ideas and work items in context by pivoting by different views and applying filters, allowing users to quickly organize and understand project status.

Through this integration, users will also be able to:

  • Instantly transform ideas captured on sticky notes or shapes into Azure DevOps work items with a single click, saving time and enabling teams to move into action faster
  • Create new Azure DevOps work items directly in Lucidspark without the hassle of switching between applications
  • Collaborate and plan in real-time with changes captured in both platforms through a bidirectional sync
  • Keep teams aligned by communicating work status visually and tagging assignees to Lucidspark cards
  • Automatically gather and sort ideas by tag, keyword and colour to quickly convert priorities into work items

You can learn how to access the Lucidspark Cards for Azure DevOps Cloud integration on

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Nikoleta Yanakieva Editor at DevStyleR International