With more than 400 improvements, Unity 2020.2 TECH Stream is now available and packed with workflow improvements to enhance productivity and let the user focus on the creative process. Iteration and import times are now faster. Workflows are smoother so one can achieve more and quickly.

“While we’re always making an effort to deliver on the needs of Unity’s users, this year, we put a particular focus on listening to specific requests from our community. We want to make sure that our tools are delivering the best possible experience and enabling the right results,” said Brett Bibby, Chief Product Officer, Unity. “Thanks to the incredible insights we’ve received from our users, we’ve been able to deliver improved solutions and better workflows in Unity 2020.2 TECH Stream that have made it more stable and more robust than ever before.”

Unity 2020.2 TECH Stream offers access to the latest features and improvements with support prior to the LTS (Long-Term Support) release, making it an excellent choice for creators with projects in pre-production, or for those who want to leverage the latest production-ready features to achieve a competitive edge. For creators who are about to embark on projects past the prototyping phase, Unity recommends the LTS release, which offers the highest level of stability and is fully supported for two years from release, giving users a robust foundation for shipping, operating, and monetizing project post-release.

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