Spacetalk Ltd.  announced the appointment of Martin Darbyshire as Chief Design Officer (“CDO”). Martin joins Spacetalk from London based design firm Tangerine, the company he founded in 1989, and where he remains Chairman.

Since its founding, Tangerine has worked with global brands, including Apple, British Airways, Huawei, LG, Toyota and Virgin Australia, innovating to design compelling customer experiences and globally recognised products and services. A young Tangerine team, consisting of Martin Darbyshire, Clive Grinyer and Sir Jonathan Ive were instrumental in strategic direction setting for Apple and LG in the early 1990s. Martin is a fellow of the Royal Society of Designers and Chartered Society of Designers and a Trustee of the UK Design Council.

Martin will work closely with the Spacetalk team to further embed and advance its design-led culture as the company embarks on its next phase of growth. The CDO role will encompass a broad spectrum of design leadership responsibilities including strategic design oversight of the next generation Spacetalk kids smartwatch phone devices and apps to deliver transformative customer experiences.

Spacetalk’s ownership and control of its end-to-end technology and design is unique amongst its peers providing an important source of strategic competitive advantage. Martin’s appointment will further enhance Spacetalk’s existing capabilities.

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