One of the most commented topics in recent time is metaverse and the way it develops and impacts our lives. Now it is looking to encourage more creators into the AR ecosystem by opening up its Spark AR Go application in closed beta, which will enable anyone to create their own AR effects for Instagram within a simplified app flow.

On this occasion Meta explained:

“Spark AR Go is an iOS app designed to let creators whose first mediums may be something like photography, memes, art, or video express themselves and their perspectives through AR. Creators will be able to extend their personal brands, assets, and creative vision to fans in new ways – like with custom AR quizzes, unique background replacement, or a one-of-a-kind makeup look.”

The application, called ‘Polar’ was presented at Meta’s Connect 2021 Conference, and it was renamed to better align with the company’s broader AR development. Mark Zuckerberg, Meta’s CEO, shared his own AR effect with the aim to announce the expanded beta access.

What does Spark AR Go include? Well, the app contains built-in templates, switch-and-slide tools, and other options to make it easier to create in AR, providing more opportunity for artists, and even non artists, to come up with their own AR takes.

With all these actions, Meta is hoping that by providing a more simplified, streamlined AR creation flow, it will get more people interested in the option. Thus could mean that the platform will be the host of the next enormous AR trends.

Recently, it seems that Meta relies on the innovation and changes of other applications for its development. It is constantly replacing features and options wherever it can.

However, Meta stated its desire to re-establish its connection with younger audiences. But the real question is whether it will succeed in doing it or not?

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Nikoleta Yanakieva Editor at DevStyleR International