JFrog has introduced native integrations with developer tools like Atlassian, Datadog and Splunk at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America 2023 Chicago. The company also made some enhancements to its own platform to support secure cloud application development.

“The increasing complexity of today’s software ecosystems requires best-of-breed integrations between developer tools to help accelerate time to market without compromising security,” said Gal Marder, executive vice president of strategy at JFrog.

The latest JFrog Security feature integrated into Jira Cloud seamlessly incorporates JFrog security data into Jira, seamlessly weaving vulnerability management, application security, and compliance into developers’ daily workflows. This integration fosters improved collaboration and automation, guaranteeing reliable releases on a large scale. Currently, this feature is accessible in beta.

“To truly protect your software supply chain you need to consider code both in development and in production at the binary level. I look forward to further collaborating with our partners on solutions and go-to-market strategies that provide significant value to our customers wanting to migrate and innovate securely in the cloud”, Gal Marder added.

JFrog Workers, currently in open beta for JFrog SaaS customers, provides a serverless execution environment tailored for overseeing JFrog and third-party execution flows. This platform facilitates the development and execution of personalized scripts, adding an extra layer of security to automate and seamlessly interconnect developer workflows.

Additionally, it introduces new capabilities such as PagerDuty Security Incident Alerts through the integration of JFrog Xray with PagerDuty. Moreover, there are enhancements like Datadog Log Analytics and pre-configured log streaming for JFrog SaaS customers to Datadog and Splunk. These features are set to be available in open beta starting Q4 ’23.

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