FusionAuth announced that it has improved the scalability and performance of its platform, which allows developers to incorporate authentication into their applications.

“At FusionAuth, we continuously innovate to make customer identity and access management (CIAM) easier for developers. Many of our customers are supporting apps with millions of users, and they need to query user and entity data or sync such information quickly and effortlessly across systems. These updates make their lives easier”, said Dan Moore, head of developer relations at FusionAuth.

According to the company, the complexity of modern authentication methods can be a challenge for developers, and while there are many authentication tools that can provide them with basic capabilities that can be used in their applications, these options are typically not of ideal performance and cannot scale for large customer bases.

Recent enhancements to the FusionAuth identity platform aim to address this issue and provide developers with a solution that is both easy to use and scalable.

The most recent enhancement focuses on enhancing performance, particularly for customer bases exceeding one million users.

Within the user and entity search APIs, a new value has been incorporated, enabling the retrieval of the complete available result set.

Furthermore, this update introduces the capability to sign webhook events, providing developers with a means to verify the integrity of webhook messages and protect against potential man-in-the-middle attacks.

As part of the comprehensive update, users can now conveniently oversee custom SSL certificates for webhooks within the same console used for managing their other certificates.

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