The concept vehicle turned production project Polestar Precept sedan has a new name and an official launch date. The company has named the shark-nosed sedan Polestar 5. It announced that it will go into production in 2024.

Polestar has been trickling out teasers and a few details of its Precept sedan, including a couple of YouTube videos. They are meant to give an inside look at the entire design, development and presumably the production process. Polestar’s newest video focuses on what inspired the exterior design.

Nahum Escobedo, the exterior design manager of the Precept said in the video:

“For this project we also wanted something that was very elegant, but also something that has a certain speed. So for me, the shark had this certain feeling.”

The dramatic rear end of the Polestar 5 shows the long aero blade light, another early design feature that appears to be sticking around for the production version.

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