Slate tells us the story of Nadine Selim, the woman who gets her dream job while pregnant. A moment when Selim feels that everything in her life is falling into place in the right way. But it’s not long before her happiness is marred by a work email informing her that she’s been made redundant.

The Beginning – When everything finally falls into place
When Nadine Selim interviews for her dream position at Amazon, she hesitates until the last minute whether to accept it and leave her old job, which is just as good as the future offer. During this same time, Nadine is about to have one of her most exciting moments – becoming a mother. Yet she gets the job at Amazon and leaves her old position.

The tech industry and the support it provides to expectant parents
Back then, she still had no worries about being pregnant and the likelihood of losing her job when she gave birth, as she knew about the good maternity leave benefits offered by the tech giants. Benefits that many believe are partly designed to attract more members of the fairer sex into the male-dominated tech industry. And when the most long-awaited and emotional moment came for Selim, and every woman and mother-to-be – she stepped away from work for a while on maternity leave.

The email that clouds the happiness of a mother
But just a few weeks after that, Selim received an email saying she was being laid off. And so she became one of the hundreds of thousands of employees who were laid off by companies that offered good working conditions.

The tech industry and the promise it broke?
According to Slate, among the mass layoffs that have taken place in the tech sector in recent months, the number of laid-off women is quite large, and even many of them have received the unpleasant memo while on maternity leave, and Selim is one of them.

Some time ago, we told you about the story of a man, again an employee at a large tech company, who lost his job during fatherhood. The tech industry doesn’t seem to take into account the social situation of its employees, and the redundancy trend, which is slightly contained for now, threatens every single member of it, whether they are in a high position, have a lot of experience or have just become a parent and need support.

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