Over 17 000 children reached the autumn edition of Telenor Bulgaria`s educational campaign “Digital Scouts: You know before you scroll”. The participants successfully passed all thirty questions in the two consecutive days of the last weekend of October. They competed with each other in a race for knowledge and digital skills on topics such as online bullying, identity theft, phishing, malware, etc.

The Digital Scouts app is available completely for free in the two online shops App Store and Google Play and became the most downloaded app in the “Games” category of the App Store.

The easiest question for the users was related to Instagram – ”What is forbidden on Instagram?” and the most difficult one was “Which behavior on the Internet does NOT pose any danger?”

The Little scouts were not alone in their online adventures. The campaign was joined by popular influencers such as Andy Studio, Balan, Haha.bg and Isabel Ovcharova, who have been part of the campaign since its very beginning. Online safety is an important topic for the gamer Konstantin Kanev (nothxtv) and Emil Conrad too, who  also took part in communicating the campaign to the youngsters.

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