Earlier this month, a report alleged that Google will ship its in-house silicon in 2021 Pixel devices. Now, a Googler has left a comment online that provides the first public evidence we can point to that the upcoming Pixel 6 will be powered by the rumored Google-made chip.

In a code change submitted to the Android Open Source Project (AOSP), a team of Googlers are attempting to update the SELinux policy of the OsloFeedback app, the app responsible for Soli radar gestures on the Pixel 4. The code change itself isn’t interesting to most users, but down in the comments, a Googler responded with a link that leads to Google’s internal source code repo (H/T XDA Member cstark27). The Googler likely isn’t referring to the Pixel 5a here since an earlier report suggests the device will be powered by the same chip as the Pixel 4a 5G/5. 

Whitechapel” is the rumored code-name assigned to the chip that Google is reportedly designing in conjunction with Samsung. “GS101” likely refers to the first chip in the custom “Google Silicon” line, as previously reported by 9to5Google earlier this month and corroborated by us.

This isn’t the first time that Google has let slip a key detail of its upcoming Pixel devices on AOSP. Before the Pixel 4’s launch, we spotted a comment in Android 10’s source code that essentially confirmed the 2019 Pixels would have 90Hz displays. Today’s leak doesn’t reveal any actual details about the Google Silicon chip, but it’s the first piece of public evidence that ties the 2021 Pixels to GS101 and whitechapel.

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