According to many users, the iPhone 14 Pro Max is currently the best iPhone. It is recommended for those of you who are looking for a non-Pro iPhone to get the iPhone 13 instead of the iPhone 14. The regular 14 models don’t introduce any exciting changes, which begs the question of whether the high price is worth it.

Especially for all iPhone lovers, today we have chosen to share with you a more interesting topic, namely some of the reasons why it’s worth waiting a few more months until the release of the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro, presented by XDA Developers.

The current iPhone cycle is nearing its end
Apple is notorious for keeping the prices of its iPhones the same from the moment they are released until the day they are discontinued or replaced. So even when an iPhone’s cycle comes to an end, customers still have to pay the same full price. Apple may have just released a new yellow iPhone 14, but the iPhone 14 is near the finish line.

In the fall, you can get the next-generation iPhone 15 for the same price you bought the older model, if you’re not in a hurry.

All iPhone 15 models could feature the Dynamic Island
With the launch of the iPhone 14 series, Apple has for the first time abandoned the controversial notch in favour of the all-new dynamic island. As expected, this new notch in the display is exclusive to the Pro variants for now. So if you’re not planning to get your hands on one of the iPhone 14 Pro models, you’ll have to make do with the notch. According to users who use Dynamic Island it is very good. It’s convenient and offers intuitive shortcuts.

There are rumors that Dynamic Island will debut on the iPhone without the Pro in September.

Apple could finally strike its Lightning port
A significant proportion of people don’t upgrade their iPhones every year. They can last for years, especially with Apple’s commitment in the software updates department. So if you’re inclined to upgrade every few years, you might really want to wait for the iPhone 15 for one main reason: Apple might finally be ditching the Lightning port in favor of the universally accepted USB Type-C port.

That means your iPhone, iPad, and MacBook will finally use the same charging cable. Many other non-Apple devices also use a USB Type-C port, saving you from having to carry around several different cables and adapters. However, if you rely exclusively on MagSafe charging and wireless data transfer, this point may not apply to you.

Pro iPhone 15 variants could get a fresh exterior
Apple typically introduces a change to the basic chassis design once every three years or so. Since the iPhone 12 Pro, Pro iPhones have looked almost identical, featuring a case made of stainless steel. If the weather stays consistent, the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max could finally bring some notable changes.

According to some sources of information, these premium phones may have a more curved edge that will make them more comfortable to hold. Additionally, they may have thinner display bezels, which will make room for more screen area. Also, Apple may abandon the use of stainless steel and instead introduce a titanium body.

The iPhone 15 Pro Max could pack a periscope lens
According to rumors, this device will be exclusively equipped with a periscope lens. This means you will be able to use better optical and digital zoom features. The leak hints at a 6x optical zoom, which is a significant jump over the 3x zoom available in the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max. So if you tend to take a lot of photos, you might want to wait a few more months to get an improved camera system at a similar price.

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