Red Hat announced the latest version of the JBoss Enterprise Application Platform (JBoss EAP), a tool for building and deploying Jakarta EE applications. JBoss EAP 8 – updates Jakarta EE support to include the most current version – 10.

“Application modernization continues to be a top priority for customers. Red Hat JBoss EAP 8 delivers enhancements that provide upgraded security integration and reduce operational overhead, enabling customers to not only extend the product life cycle for modern applications, but to take advantage of cloud native platforms that provide a connected foundation for applications to run seamlessly across environments”, said Joe Fernandes, vice president and GM, Hybrid Cloud Platforms, Red Hat.

JBoss EAP 8 delivers security enhancements, advanced cloud tools and Jakarta EE 10 compatibility, contributing to streamlined application modernization for customers. JBoss EAP 8 also includes a new provisioning system that helps developers better manage application deployments no matter where they are deployed.

To improve security, Red Hat also added native OpenID Connect support. The company has also removed some legacy security frameworks from JBoss EAP.

Other new features in this release include an updated migration toolset, feature pack support for data sources, and JBoss EAP XP 5.0.

Adding the expansion pack to JBoss EAP enables developers to add cloud-native functionality to their existing Jakarta EE applications, such as adding metrics, health endpoints, and reactive messaging support.

JBoss EAP 8 builds on the lightweight, cloud-native capabilities of Red Hat JBoss EAP 7 to improve developer productivity, reduce operational overhead, and ease the path towards modernization. Some of the advancements customers can take advantage of in the latest version include:

Jakarta EE 10 support enables customers to benefit from the functionality provided by current versions of the Jakarta EE APIs. With this release, companies can extend the life cycle of their enterprise Java applications.

Improved provisioning tools empower developers and operations teams to manage and optimize the deployment of their Jakarta EE applications on all deployment targets, including bare metal, virtual machines, cloud, and Red Hat OpenShift.

Security enhancements introduce native support for OpenID Connect and remove legacy security frameworks, making it easier to integrate JBoss EAP with OpenID Connect compliant platforms.

Red Hat recommends using JDK 17 because JDK 11 support was deprecated in JBoss EAP 7.4. JDK 11 continues to be deprecated in JBoss EAP 8.0 while it is still supported. Support for Java SE 21 is planned for a future release of JBoss EAP 8.

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