Spotify has revamped its desktop interface, redesigning the “Your Library” and “Now Playing” interfaces, and the graphical user interface now has a new and fresher look.

According to the company, the change was made to align the desktop experience with its mobile app. You can now browse, view, and reorganize Spotify’s libraries as you would on mobile.

The left pane includes a clean interface with Home, Search and Your Library icons, and below them, icons of recently played artist tracks and album artwork, allowing for quick and easy listening. Additionally, clicking the library icon expands this playlist for additional details and a list of names.

On the right side of the screen, you’ll find the Now Playing view, which displays the current song or podcast, along with additional information and details like tour dates, merchandise, transcriptions, or episode descriptions for podcasts.

Spotify’s new updates also include a few helpful tips to get you started with the revamped interface; they are as follows:

Compact: By default, you’ll see an expanded view of your library that you can collapse at any time.

Search and filter your library: The new library design allows you to switch through your dedicated channels for music, podcasts and audiobooks and search only your library.

Customizable: You can move and pin playlists in the Library, as well as drop songs into playlists that can be edited.

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