Developers choose C++ for its reliability, performance and scalability. Extensive library support offers features from the C++ standard template library (STL). C++ is used for systems programming, video game development, and advanced applications that run in operating systems and web browsers. Today we’re going to list some of the top benefits that make C++ such a preferred choice among developers according to TechTarget.

Why is C++ such a preferred choice?
C++ was created with the idea of being an extension of the C language for cross-platform programming. C++ offers efficient features and security. New features are regularly introduced. The C++23 version is planned for December 2023.

What distinguishes C++ from other programming languages is its more complex syntax. But instead, it offers many advantages for modern development. High levels of abstraction allow developers to encapsulate the details of the hardware and operating system. C++ is well suited for embedded systems that require code to be close to the hardware, such as IoT devices, smart watches, and medical devices.

The advantages continue
Programmers can focus on grouping classes to make the program code base organized and understandable. Abstraction also reduces program duplication and encourages reusability. Developers can also improve program privacy through abstraction in design, ensuring that users see only relevant data.

In addition, C++ takes advantage of hardware capabilities to accelerate scalability, through low-level control. This feature is suitable for video games, graphical user interfaces, scientific simulations, and financial applications.

C++ can handle large volumes of data, making it efficient for processing the huge data sets needed to create immersive 3D AR/VR experiences.

Did you know that C++’s relatively long life has contributed to an extensive open source STL, a collection of frameworks, and a supportive community? This allows developers to more easily accomplish their tasks by gaining access to a multitude of built-in functions, containers, hashes, heaps, and related features.

Developers who have existing code can more easily switch from C++ to more secure languages such as Rust. And multiple lines of existing C++ code don’t require new levels of safety. This makes C++ a more durable option than other programming languages with future viability.

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