As Windows 11 is set to drop later this year, PC owners are looking out for one thing: if their rigs are ready for the new operating system – and Ashampoo Windows 11 Compatibility Check offers a free solution to the migration problem.

Boasting a “new Windows experience,” the much-awaited successor to the Windows 10 OS is finally here after six long years. From visual changes to improvements in connectivity, the all-new Windows 11 will definitely send PC users upgrading.

But the question is, are their PCs ready for Windows 11?

Meet Ashampoo Windows 11 Compatibility Check

As the upcoming operating system will only run on PCs that meet the minimum requirement, software developer Ashampoo has developed its Windows 11 Compatibility Check to quickly analyze hardware and reports where you might have problems once the OS arrives. The free assessment software includes a trusted platform module (TPM) checking and checking all installed and connected components and even relevant configurations.

The Ashampoo Windows 11 Compatibility Check will inspect the following hardware components and configurations: CPU, RAM, hard disk, display resolution, GPU, DirectX version, Windows Display Driver Model (WDDM), TPM, UEFI, and SecureBoot settings. In the event that a PC fails the tests, the software notifies the users and suggests possible fixes.

Additionally, in its product webpage, the developers commit that the “program will be constantly updated to reflect the latest requirements so you’ll always be on the safe side.” The software is available in full for free and offers multiple licenses for companies and organizations and for their affiliates and resellers.

What’s in the upcoming Windows 11?

In a  Microsoft blog post, the tech leader emphasizes that Windows 11 will be simplifying its design and UI, putting the iconic Start button and the taskbar icons at the middle to make it easier to use. Additionally, it now uses Microsoft 365 to show the user their recent files – regardless of device, whether you viewed them from a tablet, or an Android or iOS smartphone.

Microsoft has also announced new features for Windows 11: Snap Layouts, Snap Groups, and Desktops. These offer new options for users to arrange applications on their screens, making it a perfect companion for multitasking. Additionally, it has also reworked its Microsoft Store, promising to expand its offerings to all types of content such as apps, games, shows, movies, and more. It will also team up with third party-apps to further expand its store offerings.

Perhaps one of the most anticipated updates to the Windows 11 OS is its supposed connectivity with Android apps, being downloadable through the Microsoft Store as well. Teaming up with Intel (through the Intel Bridge technology) and Amazon (through the Amazon Appstore), popular smartphone apps such as TikTok or Khan Academy Kids would soon be available on Windows PCs.

About Ashampoo

Run by a team of 55 members, Ashampoo is an independent software development company from Germany that builds on more than 21 years of experience. Known as a developer of free and high-quality software, Ashampoo is known for a variety of solutions such as the ActionCam, Audio Recorder, Cinemagraph, and Movie Studio Pro series.

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