Ivan Atanasov takes charge of the engineering office of Uber in Bulgaria. He will be responsible for the development of critical services from the FinTech area of the product globally. With over 20 years of experience, he spent 13 of them working on leadership positions. He joined Uber in 2018 and took over some of the teams in Sofia that work on the creation of technologies, serving the release of some of the financial documents for payment and tracking money between Uber and their partners.

The office in Sofia is quite an important developing center for Uber”- Ivan Atanasov comments. “Everyday the company makes 16 million travels and every month 98 million of our platform’s users rely on us. What we do touches real people and makes life better for millions of other people who rely on the platform to support their families.”

In his new role, Ivan will take responsibility for the innovative development of the products, created in Sofia, as well as for the enlargement of the engineering team.

Sofia becoming one of the two main technological Uber centers in Europe is my main goal, as well as increasing the number of colleagues here to 250 in the next 3 years.” – Ivan Atanasov shares.

Uber Engineering Sofia was founded in 2014 and was one of the first technological offices of the company outside of San Francisco.

Here in Bulgaria, the Uber team is operating FinTech services, supporting payments and guaranteeing legality. There are 80 people who are currently working here. We are planning to increase their number with 20 more by the end of the year, and at least 50 more in 2022.

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