The U.S. Patent Office gave a permission to Walt Disney Co. for projecting moving 3-D images on real-world objects whose aim is to interact with the visitors of the team park.

However, 3-D projectors are already used by The Burbank for casting moving images on sprays of water in the light shows “World of Color” and “Fantasmic” in Disney California Adventureland Disneyland.

The technology will be no available for a large audience. It will be geared for a small group of people around the parks. It will project images individually for them on objects, buildings and walls placed nearby the visitors. Special gadgets such as goggles or headset will not be necessary for seeing those images.

According to the patent, the secret of this technology is hiding behind peoples’ smart devices such as their smartphones. Their tracking information will be transferred to a computer and will be connected to devices located all over the park. Soon, after locating the visitors, the simulator will project an Image of a Disney character in front of the guests which will give the opportunity for people to even hear their voices. A spokesperson from Disney said:

“We are excited about the possibilities related to this type of technology.”

They also added that no current plans for introducing this technology into an upcoming experience are composed yet.

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