Oracle has released Java 20, the latest version of its programming language and development platform.

“The innovative new enhancements in Java 20 reflect the vision and invaluable efforts the global Java community has contributed throughout Java’s existence. With the support provided by Oracle’s ongoing Java technology leadership and community stewardship, Java has never been more relevant as a contemporary language and platform that helps developers improve productivity.”

said Georges Saab, SVP of development, Java Platform and chair, OpenJDK Governing Board, Oracle.

Java 20 (Oracle JDK 20) delivers thousands of performance, stability and security improvements, including platform enhancements that will help developers increase productivity and drive innovation and growth in their organizations.

The latest Java Development Kit (JDK) provides updates and enhancements with seven JDK Enhancement Proposals (JEPs). The majority of the updates are follow-on features improving functionality introduced in earlier releases.

JDK 20 delivers language improvements from OpenJDK project Amber (Record Patterns and Pattern Matching for Switch); enhancements from OpenJDK Project Panama to interconnect Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and native code (Foreign Function & Memory API and Vector API). And features related to Project Loom (Scoped Values, Virtual Threads, and Structured Concurrency), which will dramatically streamline the process of writing, maintaining, and observing high-throughput, concurrent applications.

In addition to the new enhancements, Java 20 is supported by Java Management Service – a native service of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) – which provides a single pane of glass to help organizations manage Java runtimes and applications on-premises or in any cloud.

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