SK Telecom has announced partnerships with three technology companies in Southeast Asia, and the aim is to expand globally its Metaverse “ifland” platform.

The technology companies with which SK Telecom has signed an agreement are mobile operator CelcomDigi, Indonesian game publisher Agate and Philippines-based Cosmic Technologies.

“We will continue to provide ifland users with content and services that understand their local cultures by partnering with more companies”, said SKT Vice President Yang Maeng-seog.

The partnerships will allow SKT to provide localized content and marketing for ifland in the three countries. In return, the partners receive valuable expertise in the Metaverse without the upfront cost of developing the platform.

SKT expects the collaborations to accelerate ifland’s growth internationally. Partners can adapt content and marketing to local cultures while SKT benefits from their market knowledge and customer bases.

Conversations commenced earlier this year, with testing in progress since July. Local events for users have already been organized in the ifland by the partners.

In an effort to enhance worldwide support, SKT is strategically planning significant platform upgrades, including the incorporation of additional languages such as Indonesian, Malay, Hindi, and Spanish. The upcoming features aim to provide content recommendations to users based on their locations and preferences.

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