You know that having good and robust business logic is not enough. Data presentation and good UX are as important, if not even more, for a product to succeed. If you are curious what happens across the stack and being able to contribute in every single layer of a complex enterprise software excites you..

Then let’s talk and explore together how deep the rabbit hole goes and does it lead to wonderland!

What we’d like to do together:

  • Automate challenging workflows to increase time and money spent in a more meaningful way.
  • Integrate systems that were never thought of being able to talk to each other.
  • Optimise flows using machine learning.
  • Apply modern Web technologies for a prettier presentation and great UX.


  • Build and implement state-of-the-art frontend features by writing accessible, performant, maintainable, and well-tested code, following the latest best practices.
  • Design and implement robust APIs.
  • Assist with high-level analysis and design, be able to identify gaps in requirements and proactively seek clearance and refinement.
  • Break down features into easy to estimate tasks and take them through all its stages in a predictive manner with attention to details.
  • Be curious about new technologies, methodologies and procedures.


  • Good working knowledge of Java, Java Platform and Spring Boot.
  • Good working knowledge of React and the modern Web technologies and principles.
  • Proficient in OOD and OOP, natively applies SOLID principles, design patterns, where needed, and YAGNI.
  • 2+ years of backend development most, if not all of it, using Spring Boot.
  • 2+ years of frontend development most, if not all of it, using React.
  • Experience with messaging solutions, storage systems and integration patterns.
  • Shows a sense for good design and great UX while maintaining a strong focus on performance, semantic markup, accessibility and security.
  • Self-organised, proactive and good communicator.
  • Able to look through the customer lens.

What we are primarily looking for is a track record of building things that work and passion to make a better product.

About Tumba

Tumba Solutions was established 7 years ago by a bunch of technologists with the mission to  do the things we love – solving the right problems using the best tools at our disposal.

We keep it simple. We are here to do the things that excite us and we stand by every word in our manifesto!

As a company we strongly believe in the Web 3.0 principle of personal data sovereignty and that the Web 2.0 model does not serve for the better of the human kind. If you’d like to be a part of change, come join us.

The perks we offer:

  • Hybrid Work.
  • Co-founders committed to your development.
  • Budget for learning and EU technical conference of your choice.
  • Participation in international projects with direct client communication.
  • Excellent Health Care Insurance, Sports Card MultiSport.
  • Diverse financial bonuses.