HCL Software announced that it has renamed its DevOps portfolio to better align products with their core functionality. The company hopes that this will make it easier for customers to navigate the portfolio and get to the right product.

The corporation recently conducted a webinar to unveil the modifications. Chris Haggan, the Head of Product for DevOps at HCL Software, expressed that the previous names were somewhat unclear. He noted, “They fail to communicate a sense of cohesion, and they aren’t easily understandable in terms of each product’s functionality.”

The name changes are as follows:

  • HCL Software DevOps → HCL DevOps Automation
  • HCL Accelerate → HCL DevOps Velocity
  • HCL Launch → HCL DevOps Deploy
  • HCL OneTest → HCL DevOps Test
  • HCL Compass → HCL DevOps Plan
  • HCL VersionVault → HCL DevOps Code ClearCase
  • HCL RTist → HCL DevOps Model RealTime
  • HCL RTist in Code → HCL DevOps Code RealTime

“With this refresh, we’re going to provide customers with a much more direct understanding of each product’s core functionality, emphasizing our integrated approach across the DevOps portfolio,” he added.

He emphasized that solely the names underwent alterations, and as of the present moment, there have been no adjustments to the functionality of any of these applications. Nevertheless, there is an ongoing commitment to the growth and investment in these products, with new releases from the company anticipated later this month.

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