Google has released a new version of Chrome designed for ARM-powered Windows 11 PCs, TechRadar reported. The new version of the web browser will particularly benefit from the upcoming Snapdragon X Elite (ARM-based) chip, which the company is predicting will be a big success.

Chrome for ARM64 is available for Windows devices using Snapdragon processors. According to Google, users planning to invest in the upcoming Snapdragon X Elite processor PCs will enjoy even higher performance.

A Google blog post explains that the idea is to have Chrome fully optimized for ARM systems so that it runs faster and smoother.

Word around tech circles is that Qualcomm’s new ARM-based processor is a serious threat to Apple’s M3 chip and that it offers serious AI acceleration capabilities to outperform Intel’s Meteor Lake processors.

Although users can use Chrome on computers with ARM processors through emulation, native apps offer significantly better performance. The first version of Chrome Canary for ARM64 was released a few months ago, and now the browser is about to make its public debut.

Qualcomm says it will help establish Snapdragon X Elite’s role as the leading platform for Windows PCs. The first Snapdragon X Elite devices are expected to arrive later this summer.

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