JetBrains has unveiled a new beta version called TeamCity Pipelines of its upcoming CI/CD service.

Through the new platform, development teams will be able to automate processes related to the integration of application changes. Additionally, they will be able to test apps as well as make updates to users’ devices.

TeamCity is a platform created by JetBrains but designed for large enterprises. TeamCity Pipelines, on the other hand, is built entirely for small or medium-sized businesses.

“I’m happy to announce that we’re launching a streamlined solution to address the specific needs of those smaller engineering teams today,” said Marco Behler, product manager of TeamCity Pipelines.

The company’s solution is to simplify the user interface, as well as incorporate AI into the platform. JetBrains believes this will help provide intelligent configuration suggestions.

“TeamCity Pipelines is straightforward to use and configure while also being efficient and resource-saving”, added Marco Bahler.

TeamCity Pipelines has YAML files. They serve to store, modify files and more.

The company states its intention to integrate the solution provided by TeamCity Pipelines into the JetBrains IDE. This will make it easier for developers to build, run, and debug, while not requiring developers to shut down their IDEs.

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