The Reveal survey examined the top software challenges for developers and IT professionals, to find out what obstacles faced developers in 2021 and reveal their future challenges, told Reveal. For that purpose 2,015 software developers and IT professionals took part during the survey.

When it comes to the three biggest challenges facing software developers in 2022, they include high client expectations (41%), increased customer demands (40%), and issues with project management within the digital workplace (36%).

The demand for employees outstrips supply, especially when we talk about  today’s job market. The Reveal found that there are other top software development challenges, more specifically not enough time to get work done (31%) and the inability to keep pace with innovation in developer tools (28%).

The survey also examined The critical shortage of software developers; Top software skills needed in 2022 and beyond; The rising popularity of business intelligence/data analytics to solve problems and drive decision making; Interest in new technologies such as low code/no code, digital workplaces, design-to-code software; Ways to employ resources to save money and address skills gaps;Expansion and growth plans for 2022.

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