Student absenteeism reached crisis levels during the COVID pandemic as students and families faced significant barriers to learning. EveryDay Labs, which works with thousands of schools to boost attendance rates through behavioral science, today announced an $8 million Series A round of financing led by Rethink Impact, a U.S.-based impact venture capital fund investing in female leaders using technology to generate social impact. Jennifer Kretschman, MTSS Director of Sacramento City Unified School District said:

“Improving attendance is one of the most fundamental ways to support learning recovery and get students back on track academically. This is clearly critical during COVID, but frankly, is an issue we all must address during ‘normal times’ as well. EveryDay Labs plays an instrumental role in this strategy for us.”

According to “Present Danger: Solving the Deepening Student Absenteeism Crisis” a recent report from Georgetown University, COVID led to lower rates of attendance for students in under-resourced communities, even as attendance rates for more affluent students increased. EveryDay Labs CEO, Emily Bailard added:

“This funding is an important step in meeting the needs of district leaders serving millions of K–12 students and families, so that all students have the opportunity to learn every day. It’s about generating new insights into a pervasive problem, and investing in tools that reflect the aspirations of school district leaders and students alike.”

Even before the pandemic, a growing number of U.S. school districts were tapping the potential of behavioral and data science to tailor interventions and supports to realworld needs, and engage families to improve attendance and student outcomes. On average, districts that partner with EveryDay Labs see a 10–15% reduction in chronic absenteeism.

This investment round, which includes participation from Reach Capital, Gary Community Ventures, City Light Capital, RedHouse Education, Edovate Capital Bonsal Capital, and Copper Wire Ventures will also support EveryDay Labs’ efforts to scale its research-based communication tools to help district leaders tackle other critical priorities, such as learning recovery, enrollment, and connecting vulnerable students and families to resources.

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