APImetrics has launched a premium version of API.expert, a service that monitors over 2000 APIs across many vertical markets.

The service is $100 per year and enables developers to keep track of the performance from mainstream API providers such as Netflix, Slack, and Microsoft, to more specialist and smaller vendors.
Developers can benefit from thematic collections of APIs to determine what ones have provided the best historical performance. David O’Neill, CEO of APImetrics, said:

“People are buying, integrating, and using services without a standard way to agree if they are working effectively, or even if they are getting what they pay for. If you are building your own product experience or business around a third party API, your success relies upon the performance of that API. Better be confident it works well.”

APImetrics believes that its service can remove the uncertainty around API performance in a way that’s unique and at a scale that would be difficult for any individual or business to replicate.

Developers who upgrade to the new premium version gain access to more detailed metrics, including historical data, details on individual API endpoints, and daily and weekly performance alerts.

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