Popcorn & Programming: The Power of Inspiration or How One Movie Can Change Your Vision

This week is dedicated to books and movies that would be of great help to you if you are starting or already have a career in technology. Whether you’re just entering the world of programming or already have a few years of experience, a book or movie would never go amiss. On the contrary, these are the resources you need to combine the enjoyable with the useful and the work with the pleasure. Isn’t that what we are all looking for?

There are definitely programming movies that any of us can get addicted to, and even those who don’t have much interest in writing code, for example, can turn their attention to the titles you’ll read in the lines below.

Movies are also a source of inspiration, entertainment, and education. And programming movies can really inspire programmers even more, even on their most unproductive days.

We have to admit, Hollywood cannot disappoint. And the best part is that they give the tech industry the attention it deserves, creating film productions based on technology, computers, programmers, and everything that encompasses the #techworld.

The weekend is just around the corner, so it’s time to take some time for yourself, make some delicious popcorn, get comfy and watch one of those movies you’ll watch in one breath.

Pirates of the Silicon Valle

This drama film is based on the film Fire in the Valley: The Making of The Personal Computer by Paul Freiberger and Michael Swaine. Set from 1971 to 1997, the film takes you on an exciting journey with Steve Jobs and Bill Gates as they usher in a new digital age with the development of the personal computer.



The year is 2001 and the film opens with Steve Jobs going to an Apple meeting in the city. The film follows Steve Jobs’ life from dropping out of college to becoming the founder of Apple. Inspiring, right?




“Untraceable is a crime thriller set in Portland, Oregon, about a serial killer. Special Agent Jennifer Marsh works in the FBI’s cybercrime division. She stumbles upon the website KillWithMe.com, which broadcasts a video of a murdered cat. Every time the website’s server closes, a mirror server immediately appears.



Released in 1992, the film tells how Martin Bishop, an FBI fugitive, helps the National Security Agency find a computer stolen by the Russians. However, Martin’s former associate, who is captured by the FBI, steals it and hides it. Will they be able to recover the computer?



Biological thriller based on The Snowden Files by Luke Harding and The Time of the Octopus by Anatoly Kucherena. An NSA employee reveals illegal surveillance techniques and thousands of secret documents to the public. The film chronicles the aftermath.

The Matrix


Thomas A. Anderson is an average programmer by day and Neo, a hacker by night. When the police find that Morpheus, a computer hacker who is branded as a terrorist has approached Neo, they start targeting him. Neo needs to fight against the supercomputer to stop the rebellion.

Source Code


Source Code is a sci-fi time travel film. Source Code is a time loop program. The main character Jake Gyllenhaal gets into different situations and every time an event happens, he gets transported back to the source code. His mission is to find a bomber. Will he succeed?

War Games


Again, a sci-fi film in which the main character, David Lightman, who is a hacker, discovers that he has unwittingly gained access to the War Operation Plan Response (WOPR). The supercomputer belongs to the US Army and is programmed to predict the possible outcomes of a nuclear war. Lightman finds himself stuck between reality and simulation. Will he be able to find a way out?

Ex Machina


A sci-fi psychological thriller that explores the relationship between humans and robots. Caleb Smith is a programmer who earns a week-long stay at the home of Nathan Bateman, CEO of Blue Book, a search engine company he works for. There, Caleb meets Ava, an android with artificial intelligence capabilities. Caleb must evaluate Ava’s thoughts and actions. As he explores emotions, the line between human and machine begins to blur.

The Imitation Game


Nock and Staehl, two policemen interrogate the mathematician Alan Turing after an apparent break-in. During the interrogation, Alan talks about working at Bletchley Park during the Second World War and the building of Turing’s machine, which we now call computers. This movie is based on Alan Turing’s biography.

And since we can’t limit ourselves to just 10, we’re adding one more name to the list of the TOP 10 + 1 programming movies



Primer is again a sci-fi film with time travel elements. The story is about two engineers, Aaron and Abe, who work on technology projects to provide themselves with extra income. But one day, while working on an electromagnetic project, they discover the side effect of a time loop. And they discover they can time travel and play with the stock market. What will they do?

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