Cue Health today announced it will provide Cue Health Monitoring Systems and Cue COVID-19 tests to Johns Hopkins Medicine (JHM), which includes Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and The Johns Hopkins Hospital and Health System.

The portable monitoring system and tests will be utilized by physicians, scientists, health professionals, faculty and staff as part of JHM’s commitment to health and well-being among its entire employee population. Ayub Khattak, Co-Founder and CEO of Cue said:

“Johns Hopkins Medicine is playing a leading and critical role in the fight against COVID-19, and we are honored to help support their team’s health and well-being. In settings like hospitals and medical research facilities, accuracy cannot be compromised and precision is paramount.”

In addition, JHM will have access to a Cue Health Enterprise Dashboard, which allows for test results to be shared through a secure, web-based internal application. This way organizations can manage population health and access timely data and analytics to enable administrators to swiftly identify trends and make informed decisions.

Cue’s test uses molecular nucleic acid amplification technology (NAAT) and provides lab-quality results directly to connected mobile devices in 20 minutes. The test is able to detect all known COVID-19 variants, including Omicron, and can be used on adults and children.

Cue also provides tests to Google, the National Basketball Association, and Major League Baseball, among other organizations.

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