Microsoft is set to buy another company behind the effective “attack surface management” software. The company behind the “attack surface management” software, RiskIQ was just purchased for over $500 in cash!

Microsoft Buys RiskIQ for $500 Million

Microsoft will be acquiring the company RiskIQ for an expected over $500 million in cash. The company was founded back in 2009 and is popular for selling its “attack surface management” software.

For those unaware of what the “attack surface management” software is for, basically, it helps companies protect their own web, social, and also mobile exposures. The startup has had some success in startup funding. In other news, Microsoft has released a security patch fix but has still failed to fix the exploited PrintNightmare.

RiskIQ Raised $15 Million in Series D Funding

The company was actually able to raise a whopping $15 million in its previous Series D round which was in June 2020. The company is actually one of many that have been attracting attention from different investors and acquirers amid the massively increased cyberattacks.

Microsoft has over 3,500 employees, according to the company, that are all working on security. Sometime last month, it was able to acquire yet another security startup called ReFirm Labs. This is not the only security startup that Microsoft has purchased.

Microsoft Buys CyberX

Just a year ago, the company purchased yet another security startup called CyberX. The recent purchase of RiskIQ is just another addition to the other companies that Microsoft has purchased in the past that focus on security.

The article reports that RiskIQ, the San-Francisco-based company, makes cloud software in order to detect security threats. This would help their clients understand basically where and how they can potentially be attacked on different complex webs of corporate devices and networks.

RiskIQ Caters to Big Clients Like Facebook Inc.

Its customers are actually already pretty big. RiskIQ already caters to Facebook Inc., BMW AG, the US Postal Service, and American Express Co., according to the company’s website. Microsoft has been adding different security features to products just like Microsoft Windows and the company’s Azure cloud services in order to protect individual machines as well as to detect attacks on networks.

The company has also added more personnel who are in charge of probing Microsoft’s own products for different vulnerabilities. This would also include helping clients clean up after a major cyberattack, and would be able to run a lab called the “Microsoft Threat Intelligence Center” in charge of closely tracking nation-state hackers.

The Importance of Cybersecurity

Just this month, hackers launched a mass ransomware attack aimed to exploit different previously unknown vulnerabilities in IT management software that was made by Kaseya Ltd. Back in March, hackers that were linked to China used flaws in the Microsoft Exchange code to break into tens of thousands of different organizations.

In an attack that was disclosed last December 2021, suspected Russian hackers have compromised popular software that hailed from the Texas-based firm called SolarWinds Corp. The hackers inserted malicious code directly into updates for the SolarWinds software.

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