GitHub has released a new code search tool, Blackbird, which has been in development for several years. It’s built on Rust and aims to help make exploring software repositories faster and more comprehensive.

“Our goal with the new code search and code view is to enable developers to quickly find critical information scattered across their codebase, put that information into context, and ultimately make them more productive.”

GitHub software engineer Colin Merkel explained.

In addition to a new, redesigned interface that allows developers to navigate more easily, many of the processes that run in the background have been completely rethought to become more efficient and deliver better results.

According to GitHub developers can expect twice as fast demand. Users will also be able to find more accurate and relevant results. The redesigned code view also hopes to better align search, browsing, and navigation regardless of laptop or computer programming choices.

The Blackbird search engine was built in Rust and designed to cut through endless duplication to reduce the 115 TB of content to just 28 TB of unique content.

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