Split Software is in collaboration with Microsoft, and the goal is to present a service for experimenting features in Microsoft Azure.

This partnership underscores the growing importance of feature experimentation in today’s landscape of digital product development. While feature experimentation is widely acknowledged as a critical component of successful digital experiences, many developers face challenges in achieving optimal outcomes in this regard. With this integration, Azure App Configuration users can harness the power of Split’s feature experimentation capabilities, enabling them to conduct experiments within Azure’s environment. This collaboration empowers developers to efficiently test features in real production environments and collect valuable data to enhance their experimentation practices, aligning with the evolving needs of modern product developers.

“With this new capability jointly delivered by Azure and Split in Azure App Configuration, teams can use experimentation and insights to reduce risk, fuel innovation, and create delightful digital experiences by adopting modern approaches for progressive delivery in app development. Experimentation from Split within Azure will further our customers’ ability to build intelligent apps and release them to market quickly and safely – driving maximum value for end users and fuel business growth”, says Amanda Silver, CVP of the Developer Division at Microsoft.

The new offering within Azure App Configuration will be accessible in early 2024 through a Private Preview on Azure.

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