Amazon Seller Services runs the Amazon India marketplace It reported a 49% rise in revenue from operations to Rs 16,200 crore for FY21, up from Rs 10,847.6 crore a year ago. Losses stood at Rs 4,748 crore, down from Rs 5,849 crore in FY20. The numbers were sourced through business intelligence platform Tofler.

Amazon Wholesale India’s operational revenue had fallen 70% in FY20 from FY19. In the period under review, the platform posted a net profit of Rs 46 crore compared with a net loss of close to Rs 132 crore from a year earlier.

Revenue from operations includes that generated through the company’s core business of selling goods and services. Total revenue also includes components such as interest income from fixed deposits and other investments.

In FY21, Amazon India saw Rs 7,555 crore of revenue from offering marketplace services compared with Rs 4,949 crore a year earlier. Revenue from other marketplace services, which primarily includes advertising services, rose to Rs 2,554 crore from Rs 1,636 crore.

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