The language that coders and programmers use is an essential part of their work. In recent years Python turned out to be one of the most popular programming languages. However there are a couple of reports that suggest Rust as one of the most used languages whose programmers and coders get the highest salaries.

Why is Rust the highest paid programming language? 

Mike Loukides, an author of the O’Riley study, says that Python programmers are in huge demand as there’s a huge supply.

The study revealed that professionals who use Rust have the highest average salary which is over $180,000, followed by Go ($179,000), Scala ($178,000) and Python ($150,000).

According to the records, Rust can eliminate many classes of bugs at compile-tile. It is extremely fast and can be easily integrated  with other languages.

Some of the jobs that Rust programmers are paid highly are software engineers, backend engineers and blockchain engineers. For example, a software engineer in the UK could draw close to 44,000 pounds whereas a blockchain engineer could get anywhere close to 55,000 pounds.

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Nikoleta Yanakieva Editor at DevStyleR International