For now, no more jobs will be cut at Amazon Prime, Prime CEO Jamil Ghani told ANP. Amazon cut hundreds of jobs at streaming services Prime Video and Twitch, among others, last month and last year, NL Times reported.

“I have no plans to adjust the Prime team,” Jamil Ghani said during a visit to the Netherlands for an internal conference.

Amazon cut hundreds of jobs at Prime Video last month, explaining that it was taking those measures to cut costs. At Twitch, 35% of jobs were cut, which is about 500 employees.

Maintaining a streaming platform is expensive, and Twitch still doesn’t make enough.

Last year, the company suffered increasingly large job cuts – 18,000 in January and another 9,000 in March.

“There has been generous support from all team members around the world and many people on the Prime team have returned to Amazon in other roles. The team has been very supportive, including myself,” Jamil Ghani said.

He adds that the company finds it difficult to lay off employees and it is the last thing it wants to resort to, but sometimes circumstances do not allow any other choice.

In the last quarter of last year, the company employed more than 1.5 million people. That’s 1% fewer employees than in the final three months of 2022.

In the Netherlands, Amazon officials said the tech company had about 1,250 employees in August, including at its Dutch headquarters in Amsterdam. Amazon says no jobs have been lost at Prime in the Netherlands.

However, Amazon is not the only major company to cut many jobs recently to save costs. Tech giant Microsoft, for example, laid off 1,900 people within the company’s video game division.

eBay also eliminated about 9% of its jobs, which is about 1,000 employees.

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