Oracle Developer Tools for VS Code 19.3.4 can now be found in the Visual Studio Code Marketplace. The free Visual Studio Code extension allows you to edit and execute SQL and PL / SQL for Oracle Database and Oracle Autonomous Database.

This free extension for Visual Studio Code enables editing and execution of SQL and PL/SQL for Oracle Database and Oracle Autonomous Database. New features include breadcrumb navigation, Problems Panel integration to view errors and click to go to line that failed, CSV delimiter settings, generate select/insert/delete statements for tables, multiplatform LDAP support, and more.

You can also: 

  • Connect to Oracle Database and Oracle Autonomous Database using Easy Connect syntax, TNS connect aliases, or ODP.NET connection strings
  • Create and manage connections and track most recently used connections
  • Oracle Database Explorer tree control: connect and explore Oracle schemas; show data for tables and views and save as CSV or JSON files; auto-generate SQL for table CREATE, INSERT, and DELETE; view, edit and save PL/SQL packages, procedures and functions. Run stored procedures and functions with a UI for entering parameter values

For more information, you can go to Visual Studio Code Marketplace.

Install | Getting Started Guide

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