Almost exactly 8 years ago, the first prototype of Ghost was announced. Today, over 20,000 commits later the new Ghost 4.0 – the latest major version of the product is released. If you’re short on time, here are the highlights of what’s new:

  • There is a dashboard! Get detailed insights into how content and members are performing.
  • Memberships and subscriptions are now natively part of the core platform – no longer in beta.
  • Email newsletters are now natively built into Ghost.
  • Premium subscriptions with Stripe now work in 135 currencies, with support for Apple Pay, Google Pay, and 0% fees.
  • There are new embedded memberships and subscriptions UI, called Portal. Past, present and future.
  • Member management now includes the ability to impersonate users for support, generate single-use authentication links, and collect cancellation feedback.

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  • The new members can migrate data from all other email and member platforms, including payments.
  • Speaking of switching to Ghost, there is now a new concierge team in charge of helping people migrate from other platforms.
  • There is a new quick-start setup flow for new Ghost users, with a streamlined way to enter all the most common settings needed to launch a new site.
  • The most popular theme company for Ghost, IVEEL, released all their premium themes as official, free and open source.
  • The Ghost Theme directory has been rebuilt, including live previews and automatic installs.
  • There is a new Experts directory, for people who are looking to hire developers to help build them custom Ghost sites.
  • A new improved Zapier app with members features, a new global Marketplace.
  • There is a new built native integration with FirstPromoter into Ghost core. Enter your API key to enable the integration, and all the tracking is handled for you automatically.
  • Added content snippets – now you can turn any piece of content in Ghost into a re-usable snippet to power your publishing workflows.
  • Ghost now outputs automatic responsive, lazy-loading images. Ghost was already extraordinarily fast, but now it’s pretty trivial to hit 99-100 speed scores on LightHouse.
  • Major refactors of Ghost’s codebase have also improved overall performance in terms of requests.

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  • There is now a new Starter plan on Ghost, to make it easier and better value to get started with Ghost than ever before.
  • We also rebuilt all our systems for signup, sign-in, billing, account management, documentation, help centre and refreshed our blog. All of those have significantly improved.
  • Ghost is now a team of 21 people with $3.3M annual revenue, and over $7M lifetime revenue.
  • In the last 12 months, our growth rate has increased by 200%, and we now serve a billion requests each month.

But…. How can we get Ghost 4.0?

All new sites on Ghost(Pro) are running Ghost 4.0. Everyone can spin up a new site in a few clicks with an unrestricted 14-day free trial. If you already have a site on Ghost(Pro) log into and click the “Update to 4.0” link in your admin panel.

Self-hosting Ghost? Updating to 4.0 is very straightforward with Ghost-CLI and should take about 15 mins.

And the next steps are…

Well, right now Ghost has monthly, yearly and complimentary plans built-in by default, but soon you will be able to define any plan you like with custom properties.

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Nikoleta Yanakieva Editor at DevStyleR International