Eoin Woods has over 20 years of experience in developing complex software solutions designed primarily for the financial sector. Since 2015 he has been Chief Technology Officer at Endava. He shared more about the implication after his presentation on “Six Tactics for Maintaining Quality Under Pressure”.

Can you summarize what are the six tactics for maintaining quality under pressure?

As I already said in the presentation there are seven. I made them seven just for the surprise. I summarize them as they all about making sure everybody understands complete context, their project and the goals, and what is needed to be achieved. That helps people to understand the implication at the simplest model as possible. We can construct what’s really important.

What do you recommend?

The most important thing is to make the implication as clear as possible. The pressure to have readable schedules, the pressure to putting too many features; reasons that they don’t really understand what do you asking for and who knows what’s going to happen. The other thing is to support the team and to create technical and quality dept as visible as possible. This is how to understand the context.

Do you have a special advice for concentration? Do you have a hobby which could be helpful?

My hobby about side work is music. So, [the] music is great for concentration. You can concentrate the whole time.

How do you make your ideas acceptable to others?

We have to make sure we understand who we are talking to and what their motivations and goals are. Because if we can put the intra context and make their motivations and goals, make them successful, they are going to be more open to it. If we just present something we just want to do, it is important only to us.

How can you improve your speed and keep the quality?

Three things really: ultimate questions as possible, simplified questions as possible and don’t allow the technical dept to build up. If you can manage those three, you will get good velocity.

Do you believe in luck?

Yes, I do believe in luck. I think most people that were being successful don’t signify it, but they have been lucky along the way.

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