ENow, the technology platform for monitoring and reporting, announced a new Microsoft Teams Call Quality Improvement module that enables CIOs and their teams to solve call quality issues, helping Microsoft Teams users and making it easier for them to work with the platform.

According to Gartner, Microsoft Teams has more than 270 million monthly active users, and more than 80 million use their phone services. The analyst firm also estimates that 15% (or 30 million) of licensed Microsoft 365 users have already adopted the Microsoft Teams phone system as their primary, phone-based communication tool.

Microsoft provides its own tools for commonly reported issues, which helps IT professionals troubleshoot them more easily. The Microsoft Teams Administration Center and Call Quality Dashboard provide analytics on a variety of metrics, including user calls, signal strength, system details, failures, health and more.
While these are useful and informative, there are still gaps – particularly in Microsoft Teams performance monitoring and the ease of use of the reports offered.

“Microsoft has done a good job with the reports they provide in Microsoft Teams Admin Center and Call Quality Dashboard. Our monitoring solution is built on top of these and makes it very easy to provide Microsoft Teams performance monitoring and quickly resolve call quality issues in Microsoft Teams.”

says ENow CEO Jay Gundotra.

Inspired by Microsoft MVPs and ENow’s global customers, ENow’s monitoring solution is designed to help IT and system administrators quickly resolve call quality issues in Microsoft Teams so their users can stay productive.

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